Rehano – our fashion brand with a good fir and high quality tailoring.

“Rehano is not for today or tomorrow.”

It is a fashionable brand of the future that combines comfort and elegance.

 Rehano offers you the best craftsmanship with the quality that only a manufacturing company with ample experience can give you. We retail as well as manufacture for export and wholesale. We take care of your personal sustainable wardrobe essentials, as well as your business inventory.

Our Leather

Our master craftsmen make your handcrafted leather jackets and dresses using 100% genuine leather. The careful manufacture and attention to detail have always been the foundation of our leather goods tradition.

Our Suits

You will be wearing a suit that not only fits you perfectly, but also strongly volumes your uniqueness!

Our Bespoke

We design, style & create made to measure and bespoke tailoring, taking into consideration everything that suit your personality and lifestyle to make sure that you look your best at any occasion.

Why Tailor Made

Perfect fit can make anyone look smart and put together. Our bespoke garments make you feel comfortable and relaxed, while distinctively showing off your best personality

Leonara Sequeira (CEO & Founder)

Leonara Sequeria Rehano

The perfect blend of administrative genius with a refined and articulate vision, Leonara is a driving force behind the team at Rehano & Red Carpet. She blends the philosophies of quality driven products made in a sustainable manner with a workforce of skilled craftsmen to guide a company that stays true to its values and yet has intrinsic flair towards forging new paths in the space of fabric and clothing.

Inspired by the attention to detail and the beauty of locally produced Indian fabric, she aims to bring traditional Indian crafts to the global stage, spreading the wealth of skilled artisanal heirlooms whilst being true to the roots of imperishable culture.

Manzar Khan (Creative Head & Director)

Our creative tempest, Manzar is the illuminating light in creative direction and ensures that the company’s philosophy extends to the physical craft birthed from the brainstorm of contemporary and traditional ideas behind Rehano & Red Carpet. Although India has a treasure trove of craftsmen, materials and design stimulus, this source has been entirely untapped and ignored for aeons due to the unavailability of the right platform. Through Red Carpet, Manzar champions the cause of customary and ceremonial skillsets handed down via generations of craftsmen, rejuvenating lost arts to an effervescent crescendo.

The journey of artistic apparel manufacturing began in 1999 for Manzar when he started a small industry for cloth in his home town. Extending his roots in Leather craft, Manzar believes in starting small and then scaling up so as to accurately capture the essence of each stitch and velt. This is where the philosophy of no minimum order was birthed. Red carpet accepts all orders, no matter the number of units so that each and every piece of art created has incredible attention to detail and conform to the most stringent quality standards as well as passes his vigilant creative eye.

Shweta Sequeira (Designer)


The creator of design language for Red Carpet has marked her presence and art by the varied design drawing. Her renowned knowledge of body sense and her ability to make one and all feel beautiful in self-skin has made her our head in this family. Her wish to craft and design Khadi and linen material in the most unique and trendy manner lead us to the international market.

She looks perfect with her pencils and artistic pallets, and prettiest when she is messed in her idea globe surrounded by the prolific nature she holds.

Design Sense

Our Designer Quotes

The epitome of artistic nous and a visionary in the soul of silhouettes, Shweta & her team has created her own design language by embroidering new and untrodden paths in the course of the Indian fashion landscape whilst retaining the bold, vibrant and colourful heritage of archaic techniques from the sub-continent, forming a juxtaposition that is both rich and steeped in candour whilst still being fresh, comfortable and avant garde.

Abhimanyu Chauhan (Project Manager)

He beholds the skill to sell!! this is how we introduce our magic man. Our marketing head ensures perfect communication with client in bringing the specific requirement.

We believe he has a magic wand that  none can resist his charm. Man with absolute  positive head and a winning spirit, he undoubtedly rules the chair to be the marketing head for us.


Our Fabrics


Our clothes are made from hand-spun cotton, wool, and silk to create a bespoke experience of remarkable comfort and breathability, whilst being melded with intricate textures. We carry this out through ethical practices, choosing only the finest organically sourced cotton and sustainable harvesting methods used in the procurement and usage of all our materials.

Color Process

The Color process as spoken is all from the natural colors. We prefer keeping nature healthy and green while we do our artistry. After all, we all respect the almighty creator!

We carry this out through ethical practices, choosing only the finest organically sourced colors and dyes. These are sourced and formed from our ancestral methodologies and that’s what makes them special. 

Our skilled artisans from the inner states work on each piece in an endeavour of love and we take pride and joy in bringing forth an industry which reflects our heritage as well as provides to the impoverished. Whilst Khadi has been used internationally as well as in major retail spaces across India, the work being carried out in the looms of the back country has not been adequately recognised or rewarded.

We aim to change that by practicing free and fair trade and putting the financial spinning loom back into the hands of our workers in Bihar without which we wouldn’t have the beauty of our clothing.

Each handcrafted and delicately tailored piece is worked on painstakingly to create an item of clothing that is not only unique to the person who made it but also carries soul. Intricate patterns, skilled cuts and gifted stitching come together in a kaleidoscope of fabric and hues to create something that respects tradition and carries skills handed down through generations into an avant garde future.This pursuit of our dream has manifested itself in Red Carpet, and we hope that with each purchase, you can join our growing family in putting Khadi and the artisans of Bihar on the global map of craftsmanship.

Mission Statement

To curate and accelerate the values of artisanal clothing by inspiring and nurturing workers across the tapestry of life. 


Our team comprises of skilled master craftsmen joining in the creative and tangible process from all walks of life –  from the rural artisans from Bihar weaving and ornamenting songs of fabric, to our master tailors working with surgical precision to create handcrafted art with incredible quality of work, to our creative and administrative management orchestrating the symphony of all of our amazing talent to create a living tapestry of soulful art our team works together to deliver dreams through fabric.

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