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Our Team will work with you in person in defining the cloth material appropriate for your requirements. These craftsmen specialize in material design and fabric identification and hence will provide the best sources for fabric purchase. Our men hold the knowledge of the international market and fabric sense that will fit perfectly for all types of requirement requests.
Redcarpet as said is a craftsman of art and cloth. We also work with client-provided fabric and keep knowledge in holding Indian fabric reputation.


Our Fashion Design Services begins with proper planning to ensure timely products to market that meet consumer demands.   We work in concert with your existing fashion design and/or management team to deliver critical and objective analysis to help you make the right decisions. Our process includes trends research and market analysis while examining the competitive landscape and your brand positioning.

Apparel Development

Our Apparel Development and Pre-Production Services offer a complete solution to prepare your garments for full-scale production. Proper apparel pre-production and planning may significantly reduce your production and manufacturing costs, while ensuring top quality output. In this phase of our process it is important to identify each garment’s key characteristics in an effort to ensure production consistency and quality.


Our Apparel Production and Manufacturing Services has the resources and capabilities to produce a wide range of products including Formal wear, casual wear, party wear in varied materials with khadi being our specialty. Redcarpet offers Cut Make Trim services with relatively low Minimum Order Quantities with all production conducted out of our dedicated basecamp based in the roots of India.

Fabric Outsourcing Services
We have the sources
  • Product material identification
  • Fabric Source Identification
  • Material sampling
  • Final out source acquirement
Fashion Design Services
We'll Design it
  • Trends Research
  • Market Research
  • Concept Development
  • Technical Design Flats
Apparel Development Services
We'll Develop it
  • Pattern Making
  • Sample Sewing
  • Fit Testing
  • Tech Packs
Clothing Manufacture Services
We'll Produce it
  • Cut and Sew Manufacturer
  • Size Grading
  • Trimming and Packaging
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities


A small showcase to our major dream creations is located in the very heart of Goa. Our small boutique amidst the Anjuna market, suffice all our clients. The easy directions and homely ambience at the boutique leave an impression over the hearts of our clients. Indian traditional greet mannerism is what we follow to make our customers comfortable and happy while they are there.

Address: Anjuna Goa 403509


Rehano works with established fashion designers, start-up companies, growth-stage companies, and international brands. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your fashion design, apparel development, and clothing manufacturing business.

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